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Agustin Lopez

Logistics Expert

Fascinated by logistics’ changing landscape, Agustin Lopez dedicates his spare time to researching new trends and gleaning new insights.

As such, Agustin is thrilled to see new opportunities burst forth, especially as logistics continues to merge with the technological realm.

Overall, Agustin Lopez possesses a new vision for logistics — one that errs on the side of innovation over caution.

About Agustin

Agustin Lopez is a seasoned expert in business and logistics. Based in Miami, he got his start 22 years ago when, due to a detrimental illness, his father could no longer manage the family business, Intertransit, alone. As such, Agustin stepped into an entry-level logistics position at Panalpina straight out of high school. Due to his dynamic personality and skill set, he made his mark on nearly every department of the company until he reached sales. By the time he turned 21, Agustin was already regarded as the best salesperson in the entire company — a high honor for someone with barely three years of experience under his belt.

As time went on, Agustin’s father’s condition deteriorated, leaving him responsible for keeping Intertransit afloat. At just 23 years old, Agustin Lopez struck a partnership with a company in the Netherlands to do exactly that. Although this move brought consistent success for some time, it was ultimately short-lived, as the company dissolved shortly after Agustin’s father passed away.

Heartbroken but determined to care for his widowed mother, Agustin picked himself up by the bootstraps and went on to work for Expeditors, a global logistics company. Agustin thrived as the Director of Ocean Services. At the beginning of his time in this role, he oversaw mostly ocean freight imports. However, due to his uncanny sales abilities, Agustin’s responsibilities were quickly shifted, and he was promoted to national director of ocean imports and exports for all of Mexico. During his time at Expeditors, Agustin brought in an astounding $22 million in revenue per year.

Upon hearing of his impressive sales record, DHL, the global market leader in the logistics industry, contacted Agustin and offered him the position of Ocean Freight Director. Naturally, he accepted and quickly impressed all that got a chance to work with him. Agustin quickly rose through the ranks, moving from Mexico to Miami after his mother’s passing, as he wanted to ensure he was properly positioned to eventually move into a global-facing position. Ultimately, that decision paid off, as he became the Vice President of Ocean Americas for DHL and maximized revenue by over $100 million annually.

When the company merged with another outside entity, though, Agustin chose to pursue a new path. As a result, he became the Vice President of Sales for DB Schenker, a European logistics company with subsidiaries in the United States. Unsurprisingly, Agustin has continued to deliver excellent results, with his team bringing in approximately $120 million in annual revenue.

Although he is kept busy by the various responsibilities of his current position, Agustin Lopez still makes time to learn more about the logistics industry and the ways in which it is bound to evolve, especially during this technological era. Some of the topics that intrigue Agustin the most are undoubtedly blockchain, digitization, programming, and how key logistics companies plan to improve the predictability of their systems.

To glean further insight into the above matters, and discover Agustin’s own perspective, be sure to read up on his latest blog posts.